Taja is amazing, and I'm so glad I found her! I've suffered from acne since 14, and  searched high and low for a cure. I tried prescribed pills from dermatologists, almost every over the counter acne wash, even Accutane. Nothing ever worked until I found her! Now, I get compliments on how clear my skin is! The face reality program works! Thank you Taja! Juliann I.

I wanted to share my experience with having my son receive Acne facials from Taja Cox. For six years I saw my son go from being the class clown and outgoing with his friends to struggling with confidence along with having social anxieties all surrounded from having acne. For years he tried multiple acne products and was sure to clean his face twice a day but nothing seemed to work. I never thought about going to get him facials because all teenagers get acne. I had no idea that his acne could find healing from facials. It was in May 2012 when we found Taja and her acne plan of attack. It was through her commitment to help along with his determination that he finally found break through. His scared, red speckled face was smoothing out, becoming healthy, and his smile was back! I can’t thank Taja and the product line “Face Reality” for bringing back my sons winning personality and confidence. She has done an outstanding job to help battle teen acne. I would highly recommend her facials! I have now referred both my mom and daughter to her and they both agree…AMAZING FACIAL!  Renee V.

Kudos for the Relaxation Skin Spa! What a wonderful experience Taja's Facials have been. I've had many facials wherever I travel and there is no doubt about it, Taja is the best esthetician anywhere. Following a rough year battling ill health and my mother dying, I was seeking some relief both external and internal. I'd been careful about eating nutritious and beneficial meals to return my health this year but I just wasn't seeing it in the mirror. Enlisting Taja, I have found her facials to sooth me like no other treatment. She not only restores my serenity and renews my spirit better than any massage has delivered but I am receiving continued compliments on my skin, as it radiates healthiness and a more youthful appearance. I am able to relax and fade into another land of peace and tranquility while my skin is noticeably becoming more radiant. After ultrasonic facial treatments from Taja and through her personal techniques and products I can see my skin is brighter than ever and seems to be (from what I understand) producing more natural collagen too. I really appreciate the comforting and tranquil environment at the Relaxation Skin Spa. Susan B.

I get facials from Taja and she is absolutely amazing! I always feel so clean and relaxed when I am done. She has gotten my skin much clearer and healthier. Her customer service is also as good as it gets. Taja is an incredible esthetician, masseuse, professional, and person in general. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Lacey B.

Taja does an excellent job. My skin feels so clean and smooth. This treatment was definitely worth it. I got better results than expected and a very relaxing experience. 5 stars!! 

Veronica V.

I highly recommend Taja for the best facial ever!  Not only does she leave my skin glowing and looking better than ever, but the 80 minute facial includes neck, shoulder, scalp ,hand, feet and arm massage that leaves me as relaxed as if I had a full body massage.  My dermatologist was very impressed when Taja suggested I see him to get a couple of spots checked out.  She truly cares about each of her clients. Taja is definitely the best!

Kay O.


This is a long overdue review for one of the best skin spas in the bay area... and I would know as I started getting facials when I was 18.

I didn't post before, as I was keeping her all to myself! :)  Now that I've moved away, I'm happy to let the world know how truly spectacular Taja and Relaxation Skin Spa is!

Taja is an expert in skin care, (and troublesome acne if you suffer from it), and has her own affordable natural and organic skin care product line that is pure luxury.  

Her spa setting is clean and intimate, and her knowledge and processes not only provide a wonderful relaxing experience, but your skin is glowing and improved drastically after your first visit.  She also has great offers and a monthly facial discount.

Find out for yourself why there are so many amazing reviews posted, and get ready to enjoy the best of the best! Junior BJ.

Taja, is amazing, you feel so relaxed and she is so knowledgeable of what your skin needs! I highly recommend her. If you have acne, she is the one to see! JoAnne E.

 I just love coming!!! Everytime I came, I glow and feel so happy that I came. Issa B.

I have been a client of Taja's for 30 years & have never experienced a more competent & empathetic body worker. Alison S.

You cannot get a better facial anywhere else. Taja is simply amazing! I’ve been seeing her for years and from past experience, I can tell you she has the best professional that I have ever seen for these services. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Susan J.  

 I had the Taj Ultimate Facial today and it was wonderful! Taja is amazing! She truly cares about my skin and is so helpful with skin care tips. She always makes me feel so comfortable and most importantly, she gives the best facial anyone could ask for! Cindy F.

 Very happy to have found Taja. My monthly facials with her have improved the texture & appearance of my skin - much smaller pores, more even skin tone & my hyperpigmentation has pretty much disappeared. I am a satisfied loyal customer so I will definitely be continuing my visits & keeping up my home care with her products. Tina L.

Taja is a pro. She listens, observes and analyzes. My skin is looking very good at 65 because I have a monthly faicial with Taja. I used to take medicine for rosacia. Using her products my skin healed and it is gone. Leslie B.

Taja is a miracle worker! I had acne for almost 15 years, had a PCOS diagnosis, and nothing had ever worked on clearing up my skin. Adult acne is the worst and I thought I would just have to deal with it for the rest of my life. Then I found Taja!
The products she uses for her acne facials and home treatments are gentle, don't cause skin irritation (even on my extra-extra-sensitive skin), and are affordable. My skin started clearing up in a matter of weeks and she helped me maintain it. My skin has never looked clearer and more beautiful, thank you Taja!! PCOS sufferers finally have hope, clear skin is possible!

Miss P.

Taja was wonderful. She is gentle and thorough. I really like her easy attitude. I felt I could ask her questions without feeling silly. I really appreciated her straight forward advice. She also understands that almost everyone has a budget. She has a monthly schedule that seems reasonable. I highly recommend Taja for all you facial needs. Kelley Z.

I have had wonderful massages by Taja over the past several years and I just had a facial by her and it was by far the best facial I have had! I think having a facial by a massage therapist is a big plus!!! I received a wonderful hand/arm/shoulder/head and foot massage while my facial treatments were soaking in. I just found out about Yelp and thought I would put in my two cents worth. This is money well spent. I know it's a small cozy place, but that is what I prefer. I have gone to spa's connected with hotels and although they are fine, I just feel like they are "pumping out" the massages and they are not as thorough. Taja is just awesome! She has really perfected her profession.

Lorraine K.

I am not a big fan of facials (I prefer monthly massages) so it takes an online deal to get me into a salon. My facial experience was superb, compared to the ones I have received in the past. It was very relaxing, yet there were no shortcuts taken to get a very deep cleansing and extraction. I highly recommend this salon. Also the atmosphere and decór were very soothing and tasteful. Pipi B.


Taja and Relaxation Skin Spa & Acne Clinic are a blessing! I went to try and get rid of stubborn adult acne, and Taja not only gave me a fantastic acne facial, but also helped me develop a new skincare routine, gave me advice on my diet and which foods are bad for my skin, and gave me advice on what makeup and products to avoid! I've been going for roughly half a year now, and the products and her facials have helped clear my skin so much! If you're struggling with acne, I totally recommend going! Emma G.


Taja does an excellent job. My skin feels so clean and smooth. This treatment was definitely worth it. I got better results than expected and a very relaxing experience. 5 stars!!  Veronica V.


I tried out Relaxation Skin Spa because of Taja's amazing Yelp reviews, I was not disappointed. I didn't know what to expect, but she walked me through the process and was calm and relaxing. My skin felt radiant and others noticed my glow afterwards. She cleared up some stubborn problem areas and gave me some helpful advice. The facility is clean, tranquil and very professional. I feel that the value is excellent for Napa and that the services received are exceptional. I highly recommend! Blake H.

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I love Taja and her relaxing spa oasis! Cannot give her enough praise. I have been getting monthly facials from Taja for almost two years now. I first came to her when experiencing some breakouts that seemed to come out of nowhere - I'm 31 so getting acne in your thirties when you've never had it before can be pretty distressing. I got my first acne treatment from her and purchased some Face Reality products... no joke my skin cleared up in a week and has stayed clear ever since. Miracle worker?

I now get her 80 minute anti-aging facials once a month (there's a special price for monthly customers), and it really is such a treat to look forward to. Not only does she do a super thorough job with the facial, the whole experience is complete relaxation. In the 80 minute treatment, she gives you a foot, arm, neck and shoulder massage that is just heaven. I have sensitive skin and Taja always checks in with me to make sure I'm comfortable and the products she's using aren't stinging too much. The products smell divine and are super effective - my skin has never looked better, and I plan on keeping it this way! I will be getting facials from Taja forever.

Taja also has a wonderful natural skincare line that I use along with the Face Reality products - the clarifying serum is my favorite. If you're experiencing any skin issues or just want to pamper yourself with a relaxing facial, go to Taja! She is the best of the best.

Thank you Taja, you have a very loyal customer in me! Grace B.