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Monthly Club



Taj Relaxation Facial 70 min (Reg price)  $125                                                                                                        

Monthly club price $105

$20 savings!

Taj Relaxation Facial Add -on more Relaxation 85 min (Reg price) $150.                                                   

Monthly Club Price $120 $30 savings!

Ultrasonic Facial Glow 75 min (Reg Price) $150                                                                                   

Monthly club price $130 $20 savings!


Ultrasonic Facial Glow Add -on more Relaxation 90 min (Reg price) $175                                                     

Monthly Club Price $145 $30 savings


Ultrasonic Facial Glow Add -on LED Light Therapy 90 min (Reg price) $190                                                 

Monthly Club Price $160 $30 savings!


Deep Cleansing Facial with LED Light Treatment 85min (Reg Price) $170                                                

Monthly Club Price $150 $20 Savings!


Deep Cleansing Facial with LED Light Treatment-Add on more

Relaxation 100 min (Reg price) $195                                                                                                          

Monthly Club Price $165 $30 Savings!



No other discounts apply